Union Chemical Industrial Corporation (Yuan-He) was established in 1973, a subsidiary of Union Chemical Industrial Corporation Ltd. (Liu-He) which is one of the biggest chemical materials importers in our country. Our company supplies PU(Polyurethane) raw materials including water-based glue for upholstered furniture. ISO 9000 International Quality Management Systems has been applied to our corporation since 2002, all procedures have been standardized in order to improve the management system. We are audited by an external certification association annually for the purpose of improving our working process and to ensure the stability of our products.

Brand Belief

Over the past decades, many causes of occupational accidents are volatile organic solvent, environmental protection and health awareness have become more important in our lives. Non-toxic industrial products have been rolled out in recent years. In Europe, water-based adhesives are widely applied to the upholstery manufacturing markets, in contrast, most companies still use organic-solvent-based glue to produce sofas and mattresses in Taiwan.
From 2012, Union Chemical has been dedicated to developing eco-friendly products which are harmless to our health, especially UNIGLUE. We have developed a series of UNIGLUE that can be applied to different types of applications, such as mattresses, sofas, seat pads, PU foams and woodworks. During the past 10 years, we kept improving our products in cooperation with furniture firms, and obtained Eco Passport by OEKO-TEX® certification in 2020.
We look forward to changing the glue markets in Taiwan, replacing those commonly used toxic materials by UNIGLUE which is a real non-toxic material, to make a healthier and safer environment for employees, clients and consumers.